The gallery system that evolves with your needs and lifestyle, our Classic System is the most rugged and heavy-duty of all our gallery systems. Because this system is based on rods, it is ideal where strength, anti-theft and extreme convenience are the driving influence. A selection of rods in several lengths and multiple colors helps you adapt the Classic System to standard or high ceilings and to match or compliment most any décor. This is our take on the 'French Rods' approach.Our gallery rods suspend from an open-faced, heavy-duty wall or ceiling track.

This functional setup avoids damaging and putting holes in your walls because it allows you to hang on walls without nails. Further, it gives you complete control over the height, location and weight of your wall hangings – something those adhesive backed products cannot deliver.

Simple, clean, and infinitely interchangeable, you can easily adjust the distance between rods or hang several objects on a single rod, unlocking a plethora of opportunities for different applications. Combine gallery rods, hooks and other fittings to create art hangers used to secure art and other objects to the hanging rails. You may even adapt cables from our own Cable System to these same tracks, Consider stabilizers and anti-theft hardware to complete the security, safety and professionalism of your visual display.



Our products, while simple in concept, may be confusing to those who have no prior experience with this type of hardware. Our products have been designed to allow the user to change locations or objects hanging from the system with great ease. The systems all work on the same principle:

1- Start with a track placed horizontally on the wall or ceiling. Alternately, select from fixed point “piers” or “hangers”.
2- Select a cable or rod that hangs from one of the above.
3- Choose hook to connect your art or object to the above cable/rod.