Ideal for highly designed spaces, small businesses and residential use, our Sliding System is our most discreet hanging rail system. What makes it so unobtrusive is the unique design of the track, which can be mounted behind finish carpentry, moldings, trim, or even within a soffit so the track becomes completely hidden among interior architectural details.

The Sliding System uses a special gallery rail that is mounted on the wall via patented clips. This hides all the mounting hardware from view. This clever picture rail design is then paired with equally clever, and exclusive, cables. Pick from transparent Nylon cords or very strong stainless steel cables. Either are inserted from below the track and incorporate a patented design. Simply, insert and twist. They may be inserted, or removed, along the entire length of the wall track. These inconspicuous cords and cables also work to minimize visual interference.

The Sliding Systems may be used with a single overhead track and suspended cables, or in conjunction with a matched lower track to hold the cables in tension. This later approach offers a sharp, engineered or designed appearance that compliments most any display cable system.



Our products, while simple in concept, may be confusing to those who have no prior experience with this type of hardware. Our products have been designed to allow the user to change locations or objects hanging from the system with great ease. The systems all work on the same principle:

1- Start with a track placed horizontally on the wall or ceiling. Alternately, select from fixed point “piers” or “hangers”.
2- Select a cable or rod that hangs from one of the above.
3- Choose hook to connect your art or object to the above cable/rod.